Post Harvest Technology on another level

 “It is with immense pleasure that I can vouch for Jan Lievens and his company. Jan’s knowledge of the post-harvest procedure for grapes is phenomenal and this has helped me farm better in the last few years.

I installed his Post Harvest Technology 2 seasons ago and the return on investment has been more than significant. The quality of my grapes is now vastly improved, and the price paid for my product is higher than all other farms.

The technology was straightforward to install, and the maintenance is negligible. To say the least Jan and his technology is a Godsend to my farm and I can recommend him and his technology to any farmer who wants to ensure the absolute best fruit arrives at the destination anywhere in the world.

As Jan says, “Mother Nature never breaks her own rules,” this is certainly true, and I am eternally grateful to him.” Francois Rossouw MD – Mooigezicht De Doorns

“My name is Chris Potgieter – Agronomist for Costa Australia. I met Jan Lievens while working for Dole South Africa from 2014 -2020.

Jan impressed me with his passion and knowledge of post-harvest solutions in Table grapes. He understands the product and the risk involved if protocols are not met when picking, packing, and cooling grapes. I have been part of the initial discussions and installation of UTE (now Humiditas), post-harvest technology in packhouses at two of my growers while still working for Dole SA.

It was a pleasure to work with Jan and I really appreciated his professional approach and timely manner while working on a project. The technology made an enormous difference in the post- harvest quality of both growers. The fruit arrived with greener stems than season before and looked fresh upon arrival.”

“To whom it may concern.

We are a Table Grape produce packer in the Hexriver Valley South Africa. We export to the UK, USA, and Asia. We also supply Woolworths South Africa with a substantial number of grapes since 1994.

We only produce seedless grapes, and we strive to have the best varieties available in the world and we strive to produce the best quality possible of this variety in as efficient and environmentally friendly way possible.

It is pointless to produce the best quality and then neglect the postharvest side of the business.

UTE, (now Humiditas), Miatech and their own developed systems plays a significant role in this. They assist us with Post Harvest Technology and knowledge. We have installed a number of their products to control humidity in our holding and packing facilities as well as Bio Turbo steri systems for the same facilities as well as in our dedicated reefer truck that we use to supply Woolworths.

With their assistance we have managed to deliver even better grapes. We have been able to increase our market share to all our preferred customers. This was directly attributable in supplying a fresher healthier and better-looking product than our competition.

Regards,“ Johan Kriegler – CEO - Kleinberg Kriegler CC - Klipheuwel Fruit Pty Ltd

“I met Jan back in 2015 when I consulted with him to optimise postharvest practices that promote excellent quality table grapes.

Jan impressed me with the depth and extent of his knowledge that has been built up over the years that he has been involved with post-harvest applications.

Jan uses an integrated approach to post-harvest applications, which is refreshing in an

industry that targets one aspect at a time. His approach is based on sound

principles and proven methods.

The Miatech technology that is promoted and supplied by UTE, (now Humiditas) has been installed

at a pack house supplying The Grape Company in the North Cape. Based on studies

we have conducted over time; the technology has proven itself to be effective.

I would recommend anyone to engage with Jan and experience first-hand the knowledge he has to offer as well as to consider the technologies he promotes. There is much value to be gained from partnering with Jan and the UTE, (now Humiditas) Applied Post Harvest Technologies

Regards,” Thys Brink

“I am the Technical manager for TopFruit regarding there Table grape Department with more than 30 years of experience in the production, harvesting and post-harvest technology. TopFruit is an Intellectual Property company that specialized in different fruit types with Table Grapes as one of our leading fruits.

It is with immense pleasure that I can vouch for Jan Lievens and his company UTE (now Humiditas). His knowledge and especially the Post-Harvest Technology he developed for Table Grapes are phenomenal.

He installed the Post-Harvest Technology two season ago with one of our best producers in the Western Cape and the results are spectacular. The quality of the fruit improved vastly, to such a extend that we at TopFruit recommend this technology to all the producers that are planting our varieties.

In the not-so-distant future this technology will be mandatory to all the post-harvest fruits like Table grapes.

Kind regards – Arnold Viljoen MSc Viticulturist”

“To Whom it may concern

RE: UTE, (now Humiditas) Post Harvest Technology -Mr Jan Lievens

Jan Lievens installed the Post-Harvest Technology four seasons ago in our packhouse in the Hex.

He has a phenomenal knowledge of the post-harvest procedure for grapes.

After the first season we could see that the quality of the fruit improved vastly, and we do not find dry stems anymore.

We were so satisfied with the technology that he installed the same system in our packhouse on the farm Leeuwenhoek, near Porterville. They noticed a significant difference in post-harvest quality as well.

I can strongly recommend the technology. Kind regards,” Lucas Badenhorst MD Vendutiekraal Boerdery”

“To whom it may concern

Re: UTE, (now Humiditas) Post Harvest Technology – Mr Jan Lievens

I have been working with Mr Jan Lievens on various post-harvest projects over the last few years, as he can be considered an expert in his field. He boasts an in depth understanding of the importance of the proper handling of fresh produce against a set of critical principles from the point of harvest, through to packing and cooling, with the end goal of ensuring optimum post-harvest performance.

There are several examples in the industry where his meticulous scientific approach and the UTE, (now Humiditas) technology combined with his passion for the subject, has made a significant and measurable difference on post-harvest quality. I can therefore strongly recommend the technology.

His practical and rational approach makes him one of the best in his area of expertise.

Kind Regards,” Van Heerden Coetzee – Nine Fruits CPT


Who’s Who

Our team is made up of bright and like-minded individuals, who have come together to explore endless possibilities. We come from a variety of different fields and technical backgrounds, yet our passion for Humiditas (Pty) Ltd ties us all together. Check out the people who make Humiditas (Pty) Ltd the amazing company it truly is.

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Co-Founder, Partner & CEO 

Jan Lievens is an engineer who is at the forefront of applied postharvest technologies and specializes in preserving quality after the harvest of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.
Jan believes that innovation is the key to success and has achieved many ground-breaking results in his field over the years.
He has implemented a postharvest philosophy that works worldwide. He has given a respectable number of seminars worldwide and in Egypt, they gave him the title of “Postharvest Gynaecologist” during his farm visits.
He developed and is still designing airflow-friendly cartons, pallets, and tunnel systems in the industry and is kept in high regard by all his clients.
He is also known to be direct and straightforward and is not beating around the bush as all too often others do in this industry.
Jan has a Graduate Civil Engineering title from the Technical University in Antwerp Belgium behind his name and has numerous training courses, postgraduate and technical skill courses in his bag.
His hobby is Formula 1 and that is no surprise as he uses this as a reference point for the assorted designs he creates.
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